Divine Pathway Retreat

The Power And Beauty


What struggle do you need cleared from your life to be at peace within your heart? 

What is currently keeping you from relaxing into the beauty of who you are?

What dreams are you longing to bring to fruition?

This Unique Retreat is Designed Specifically For You It includes your current needs, concerns and desires. When was the last time that you fully took time for yourself, to open your heart deeply, to release which no longer serves you, to set intentions from a new place within your soul, to walk in nature and be balanced from the inside out?

From practical assessments to intuitive revelations, you will be the soul focus of a nurturing submersion of transformation designed to support you on every level of your being. This day is all about you, your desires, your heart, it’s your time, it’s your turn. Surrender and be open to the possibilities at your personal one day retreat, the whole day just for you beloved!

Your Personal One Day Retreat ~ 

Before Your Retreat ~ A brief phone or Skype session is required before each Divine Pathway Retreat to choose food preferences, ferry schedules and ride pick up. From this call forward, Brenda will hold you in daily meditation. 

Your Personal Retreat ~

Located on a beautiful waterfront oasis in Poulsbo Washington. Where the sun and moon rises to greet the blue waters.

Start Time ~ 10:30 ~ 4:30 p.m. Your retreat can be on a weekday or weekend. Brenda is very flexible!

Arrival ~ You will be warmly greeted and welcomed with hot tea or water, then as you settle in and relax, enjoy a guided meditation to connect your breath and your heart as your divine journey begins.

Breakthrough Journey ~  This journey can be a turning point in your life as this process goes right into the heart and soul of any problem you have and deals with integrating the disharmony, effectively removing the problem or trauma right at it’s root, so that all that is left is peace, a keen sense of clear direction, and tranquility. This is an opportunity to gain awakening, clarity, healing, and freedom.  At all times you will be held safe, supported fully, respected and loved deeply. It is your birthright to be happy and the Breakthrough Journey can support you in creating more of that in your life.

Sacred Altar Creation ~ You will learn to anchor your intentions with new inspirations and direction through personal guidance in creating your sacred altar, to infuse your space with positive energy, so that your desires/goals can be fulfilled. You will learn how your intention symbol, your focus, communication bowl, the elements, earth, air, fire and water, colors, plants, flowers, fabrics, oils, smudging, sacred gem stones, and your intuitive creativity can support your manifestation. Feel your heart lighten and your life align with your True Self as you practice this sacred expression. You will also receive Brenda’s book, ~ ‘Altars Of Intentions’ as a free gift.

Time To Journal ~ You will have time to journal, to savor the precious moments, and to be in nature as you reflect on your journey and set your heartfelt intentions.

Delightful Nibbles ~ You will be served a delicious healthy lunch.

Quantum Biofeedback Journey ~ This powerful energetic healing will give you specific reflective readings on the current condition of your physical, emotional, and mental bodies – along with balancing treatments. You will end your journey feeling refreshed, balanced, and you will continue to discover it’s effects for weeks to come from the inside out. (Read more about Quantum Biofeedback from the menu bar.)

Divine Investment ~ $347 ~ Full Day Personal Retreat ~ Includes a few divine special gifts to serve your heart & soul!

Inquire for your retreat ~  Brenda@yourdivinepathway.com

~ Divine Praise ~

After doing Breakthrough Journeys with Brenda, I felt it was time to treat myself to her Divine Pathway One Day Retreat.
It was such a treat for my soul! Not only was the setting of the site breathtaking, but all of my senses were heightened with everything that I experienced. 

All in all it was an amazing day for me where I truly felt taken care of by Brenda and the Universe. Giving the gift of this retreat to myself was a gift of divine love.

I highly recommend this retreat!

Love & Blessings,

~ Laurie Swartz ~ Lake Stevens, Washington