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What you desire can be fulfilled! In the book Altars Of Intentions you will learn how to create sacred altars using your heartfelt intentions and focus. You can choose from a variety of altars to bring your dreams to fruition.
There are eight altar examples to choose from; Abundance, Career And Success, Family, Health And Well-Being, Knowledge or Creativity, Life Changes, Relationship or Marriage and Spirituality.

Let’s say that you want to feel better mentally, have more energy and get your body back into shape. Creating a Health And Well-Being altar can get you back on track to gaining more clarity, empowerment and grace as you transform your state of mind to re-connect your body with your heartfelt intentions. What you focus on expands and using an altar as your daily reminder will support you to reach your goals.

This comprehensive guide book has ten easy steps with everything you will need from choosing your intention symbols, fabric, candle and chakra colors, flowers, plants, statues, gemstones, healing oils and so much more. Create with joy, grace and ease!

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