Are you ready to live from a place of peace, a place of oneness within, a place of joy with your heart wide open? This can become your reality, really it can, once you have the opportunity to release the negative charge from the experiences that no longer serves your higher-self.

You will discover a greater vision for your life when your self limited beliefs that hold you back are resolved. From traumas to relationships and everything in between, the Breakthrough Journey eliminates the debilitating negative charge at it’s roots. From this new intergrated place you will be able to express your emotions freely, you will be confident, calm, patient, have more success, and a new freedom from within, to be yourself fully with joy, grace and ease.

Brenda has had her own limiting beliefs and struggles within herself for years from being abandoned by her dad at the age of three, then as a young adult, alcohol abuse and eating disorders proprelled her journey to healing from the inside out.

Throughout the years Brenda seeked support from many different modalities, courses and healers, until she found Accelerated Evolution, and began her fast track to finally disolving and eliminating her biggest lifelong struggles. Her struggles of not feeling like she fit in, not feeling good enough, smart enough, feeling people could reject her talents, and she would not be successful.

Brenda experienced amazing results with the Accelerated Evolution processes and she wanted to learn all of them not only for herself, but to share with her clients. Her coaching business for women only, offers Journey Packages along with Quantum Biofeeback, women’s retreats, and altar/space creation.

It’s your turn beloved, to begin your divine journey with Brenda and these cutting edge modalities, as it will surely give you the brilliant results you have been yearning for.