What you desire can be fulfilled! In Brenda’s book ‘Altars Of Intentions’ you will learn how to create sacred altars using your heartfelt intentions and focus. You can choose from a variety of altars and using the steps and examples, you will be on your way to bringing your dreams to fruition.

 ~ Divine Praise ~ Brenda’s lovely book, which clarified each step, inspired me with this new information in creating my own altar. My intention was to manifest a Joy-ful Beautiful home. Less than one month later, I happened to be on the phone with an acquaintance who ‘seemingly out of the blue’ mentioned a property that was coming available. It not only checked off every box on my list, it was perfect in every way. I cannot begin to thank Brenda enough for introducing to this magical process which I now use to clarify and manifest all my heart’s desires.

~ Rhonda Barry ~ Regina, Saskatchewan

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